How Do I Love Thee? Sogno Eterno (Eternal Dream)

Well I finally finished the commission piece that I was asked to create for a friend’s wedding. This was definitely a challenge for me – I know I overanalyzed and critiqued to the nth degree!!! It probably didn’t help to find out that the person I worked on this for is an art teacher. LOL. This will be displayed at the wedding near the guest book and then hung at their home afterwards. I hope they enjoy it.

The writing to the left hand side is the sonnet by Elizabeth Barrett Browning, “How Do I Love Thee”. It was the last for me to add and the part that I struggled most over – do I write it by hand, stencil it, image transfer it, etc etc. Good ole handwriting never fails! The sizing of the font was also a bit of challenge for fear that I would run out of room. My last resort was to reduce the font size as the space size decreased. Last thing that I decided on was to use watercolor for the base of the text in case of a mistake.

How Do I Love Thee

How Do I Love Thee

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