This morning’s gift

Fairy In The Garden
Fairy In The Garden

“I send you…a tiny fairy with a lantern, flying nearby, to keep you company.
I send you the long stare of a beloved cat, and a fast ride in a red convertible with the top down.
I send you piano music by candellight, and a bright, soft piece of cloth to wrap yourself in.
I send you honest questions from children, and the sight of a bright yellow blimp to cheer you.
I send you support for your inertia, rage, tears or lost feelings.
I send you the willingness to sit with any pain and watch it melt and change shape as you soften.
I send you a midnight card game with someone you love, and laughter that fills the room.
I send you the majesty of your tears and truly gentle eyes.” – Sark’s “Eat Mangoes Naked”

I decided to attend Cheryl Fenk’s ( yin yoga class this morning, held at Shakti Yoga Torbay Road. It was such a beautiful and touching session, I teared up towards the closing as I lay in savasana.  It was during this time that Cheryl read out the excerpt (seen above) from Sark’s “Eat Mangoes Naked” that I felt the need to share as it touched me so deeply. Namaste 🙂

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