Progress of the Painting “Stars Align”

After listening to  the song “Stars Align” by Kaskade over and over, I was moved to put the lyrics into artwork. You can see the video on YouTube by clicking !

“Stars Align”

You know this better than I can explain
I lived it
Was lost and now I’m moving on
You wake up
Realize the dream
I feel that our luck is now coming onSee the stars align
And you know it’s all for you
Down were you before
Now you come alive for this
There’s calm inside the storm
If you know just what you’re trying for
See what you could be
And you know you shine for me
Why not now
Remember how we saw it to be
I still see it
Still time enough for me
I see it shining
Can almost touch it
You can taste it in the air

Here is a preview of start to finish, “Stars Align”, 48″  x 60″ mixed media on gallery mounted canvas. Enjoy!




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