Today is a new day. Lion’s Mane and ๐Ÿ„ All The Way!

I’ve been trying to journal for the past 6 months. I started off doing wonderfully, then it tapered off. I recall as a young child I would buy many a diary, start writing in them, then put them to the side. It just wasn’t my thing. Having said that, I have so many thoughts, ideas, etc. that I really need to put them somewhere. So many of them I want to share with others. So I said the hell with it, I’ll start blogging. Let’s see how this goes.

So my incentive to start blogging this morning was due to an article that I’d see with regards to the Lion’s Mane mushroom. I’ve been consuming this in my coffee and/or Shakeology shake on a daily basis since September 2022. More on Shakeology later; I am a coach but I don’t really market it; mainly just a consumer. I stumbled upon Lion’s Mane first when looking to reduce my caffeine intake, and a colleague had mentioned to me to try MUD WTR. Decided to buy some online (super $$$$) the taste was okay (if you like chai, coffee and cocoa you’d like this) so then decided went to the Natural Health Shop here on Stavanger drive in St. John’s and asked them if they had something comparable. I was shown Kickstart by Harmonic Arts – I picked up some and decided to give it a whirl. Never thought that functional mushrooms (not the trippy kind) could replace a cup of Joe?! More on my experience with that later…. now back to the Lion’s Mane.

During my visit to the health shop, I was asked whether or not I had considered microdosing (“MD”) mushrooms. I laughed and was like ummm nooooo, why would I do that? “Well seeing you’re an artist and the kind of artwork you do, it’d help you to tap deeper into your creativity” she said (more or less). I was curious. So I did some research.

During my research, I continued to stumble upon how Lions Mane helps with cognitive abilities such as focus and mood, along with used as a stack for psilocybin to aid in it’s delivery. Here’s the article that was shared in a Reddit group I follow, on micro-dosing that was only released this 10-Feb:

I’ll continue to research and put together some material accessible from my website.

Ciao for now!


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Born and raised in Newfoundland, I am an artist, musician and technologist with a passion for positive thinking :)

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