Back in the art saddle.

I’d been pondering getting back into painting the past few days, but didn’t have much motivation to do so with feeling so tired all the time. A few nights ago, after returning from my aunt’s house, I decided to give it a go and am sooooo so happy that I did.

I put out the tarp and then on top of it an old Easter tablecloth, that I almost threw in the bin from last year’s Easter celebrations (gotta love dollar store buys). I kept it to use for catching the drippings of my messy art sessions; this being the first one in a long time. Used some pre-mixed Artist’s Loft acrylic pouring paints to save myself some time.

I purchased some wooden coasters off of Amazon, with matching cork backings so that I could make actual coasters out of any designs I decided to keep. The pics directly below are of the dried result pre-varnish.

First off, I took the coasters and painted them white using a semi-gloss pillow paint I’d pre-made months earlier. Used just enough paint to cover the coaster as I didn’t want to overpower the other colors which I’d be dipping into.

On a sheet of bubble wrap, I took pre-made acrylic pouring paints (Artist’s Loft brand) and drizzled them over enough surface area to cover the coaster. I slowly dipped the coaster onto the bubble wrap and made sure to hold onto the wrap (with my feet lol) as I’d lift the coaster. Sometimes I’d twist as I lifted, which is pretty evident in some of the designs (like the one below, for example.

Following the lifting off the bubble wrap, sometimes I’d tilt the paint a bit to alter the design. Other times, I’d dip my gloved finger tip to pull through some of the layered colors from the bottom to the top. Using a handheld blow torch, I eliminated as many bubbles as I could.

Two days later, I polished them off with resin (used a UV resin; also to save time haha).

I’ve started a few different color themes. Will post them after they’re finished 🙂

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