PnL Music For The Soul

Back in New York City I had the privilege and pleasure of playing with a number of beyond talented musicians. Sasha Markovic and I spent countless hours in his small apartment recording tracks, coming up with lyrics and simply having fun. Sometimes we played our music at some small local gigs for fun and expanded our duo to also include Denis Zgrabljic on bass and Sam Wilson on vocals.

I met Sasha and Denis through Chris Nichols one day when Chris invited me to come over and jam with him and his friends – Chris had an amazing loft with a recording studio across the hall. What a dream. Chris, Sasha and Denis played in a band called ZOZE. They invited me to join and play on flute – we played numerous times at Don Hill’s in NYC. I’ll share some of that in another post about ZOZE another time 😉

Sam Wilson I met at the airport funny enough, during one of my travels back home from NYC to visit my parents. I was literally sitting at the airport knitting and Sam sat next to me and made some smirk comment asking if the hat was big enough to fit his head. We exchanged info and later were able to create music together. Sam’s voice is magical.

I went on a walk this morning and it came to me that I hadn’t listed to this music in quite some time. Literally tears (of joy and gratitude) came to my eyes listening to Time Away and J Goes On. I felt the desire to share some of this music and my experience with the world.

Thank you to Sasha for your countless hours of music directing and production. I’m so glad you continue to share your talent with the world. Thank you to Chris for introducing me to some wonderful people, including yourself. I hope you continue to inspire others, as you inspired me. Thank you to Denis for your deep bass sounds and talent. Am Sam, keep singing brother. Those vocals of yours are unparalleled.

Below you’ll find some tracks we recorded. Sasha on guitar, vocals, some percussion ( I think I played some as well but cannot recall which tracks). Sam lead vocals in Time Away and Forever Young. I’m vocals and flute. Don’t recall if Denis played bass on any of these tracks but in case he did, here’s his credit.

Aqualung was our own goofy version of the song. Enjoy! PnL. (Peace and Love).

J Goes On
Time Away
Forever Young

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