About Me…..

Born and raised a Newfoundlander, I grew up surrounded by beauty....the ocean, forest, icebergs, wildlife ... While living abroad, I would often stop while on a walk during my visits back home, and take pictures of such breathtaking imagery. Sometimes you need to be removed from a place or situation to truly appreciate and value it.

Never did I consider myself an artist. I started playing piano at the young age of 5, encouraged and supported by both my loving parents. I picked up flute in grade school and went on to compete at music festivals, joined the Newfoundland Youth Symphony Orchestra and eventually found myself performing on stage and recording music with 2 of my bands in New York City. I was a doodler in school, sketched here and there but never did pick up a paint brush until my later years.......

Life is often complicated and can throw you many unexpected curveballs along the way. While in a very dark place, I was introduced to the world of canvas painting by Kimyon, a friend and DJ from New York. After watching him and his techniques at play in his Brooklyn loft, I ventured on my own in my small Soho apartment, and started my artistic journey. From playing with hardware paint, to gel mediums and image transfers, I often would let a "mistake" or even a frustration (try throwing paint at a wall) dictate the direction that my art would take.  I would often listen to my own music to paint, sometimes with feeling and sometimes without...other times I preferred the silence and solitude of 5 am when I felt energized, alert and grounded. Today, I still do.

I have had many showings around the City of St. John's, but spend the majority of my time working on commission pieces. Please take a look at my portfolio of works by visiting the Art Gallery page of this site. For all inquiries, please contact me by clicking here.​

Thank you for visiting!

Cheers, Lori​