African Drum Circle & Dance – Sayulita, Mexico 2014

Here’s a little clip of the African Drum Circle & Dance that I was able to capture before they finished up for the day. Every day at 8:00 this talented group of individuals would gather at the cultural center in Sayulita, MX to play and dance. Amazing energy!!!!


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Sayulita, Mexico – 2014

This year I was fortunate to spend a month down in Sayulita, Mexico. Every day I would wake to the sound of dogs and roosters barking – and not once was I bothered. In fact, I think these are the best alarms out there! From hoop dancing and practicing yoga to meditating and drawing, I certainly released and renewed which helped me prepare for a longer winter back in Newfoundland than I had expected!

Here are a few pics from the trip! Enjoy 🙂


Words by Adam Cohen

“My goal wasn’t to be good, my goal was to be successful. And, I can’t believe that it took me this long to figure out that you are supposed to merge the two.”

“Imagine, if at 25, I had made this record. Where i’d be now, i would probably have a career i’m proud of instead of one that i wish i hadn’t learned so much from.”

“A career is dreams of your youth realized at a more mature age.”

“I no longer want to take over the world.

I no longer want to be celebrated for my ego to be stroked

I no longer want to do it for the accolades and the artifice.

I want to be good.”

– Adam Cohen.