Please submit a photo of your favorite sunset and if I select yours, I will give you a free mounted print of the final product!!!! Size of painting will be either 24 x 48 or 30 x 40!! Please LIKE my facebook art page and SUBMIT YOUR SUNSET @ Sogno Art – Lori Reddy. If youContinue reading “REQUEST FOR SUNSET PHOTOGRAPHS”

The Hip Triptych Art To Go Auction! – 3 days left!

Starting Bid $300! The Soul’s Rainbow – 20″ x 24″ Framed Mixed Media on Aquaboard: Starting Bid – 75$!!! Around The World – 24″ x 24″  Acrylic on Gallery Mounted Canvas: Current Bid – $100! Khaos – 24″ x 48″ Mixed Media on Gallery Mounted Canvas: Current Bid – $100! Into theContinue reading “The Hip Triptych Art To Go Auction! – 3 days left!”

Choices For Youth Mural – Another Look

The final stretch is here. The ocean is near completion and the lillies are underway.  The sky and hills are to be tackled next which will add a burst of depth and color to the mural. I can’t wait to take close up pics to show how much work has gone into this project. TheContinue reading “Choices For Youth Mural – Another Look”

The Hip Triptych Art Exhibition AND Art To Go Auction!!!!

My good friend and artist Dominique Hurley has organized an art exhibit for the three of us (Dominique, myself and another artist Sama Salehian) which will start this Monday, June 24th at The Sprout Restaurant, located at  364 Duckworth Street and run until August 3rd. Dominique’s motivation for setting up this auction, and more informationContinue reading “The Hip Triptych Art Exhibition AND Art To Go Auction!!!!”

Kashmir (another inspired by India)….

After passing hands through an amazing artist and friend Vinod Lande (from Soho, NYC) I continued to work on this piece a little earlier this year and finished it in a hurry to place it up in the Shakti Yoga studio on Torbay Road (and then transported it over to their Mount Pearl location). ItContinue reading “Kashmir (another inspired by India)….”