Today is a new day. Lion’s Mane and 🍄 All The Way!

I’ve been trying to journal for the past 6 months. I started off doing wonderfully, then it tapered off. I recall as a young child I would buy many a diary, start writing in them, then put them to the side. It just wasn’t my thing. Having said that, I have so many thoughts, ideas,Continue reading “Today is a new day. Lion’s Mane and 🍄 All The Way!”


Please submit a photo of your favorite sunset and if I select yours, I will give you a free mounted print of the final product!!!! Size of painting will be either 24 x 48 or 30 x 40!! Please LIKE my facebook art page and SUBMIT YOUR SUNSET @ Sogno Art – Lori Reddy. If youContinue reading “REQUEST FOR SUNSET PHOTOGRAPHS”