The Hip Triptych Art To Go Auction! – 3 days left!

Starting Bid $300! The Soul’s Rainbow – 20″ x 24″ Framed Mixed Media on Aquaboard: Starting Bid – 75$!!! Around The World – 24″ x 24″  Acrylic on Gallery Mounted Canvas: Current Bid – $100! Khaos – 24″ x 48″ Mixed Media on Gallery Mounted Canvas: Current Bid – $100! Into theContinue reading “The Hip Triptych Art To Go Auction! – 3 days left!”

The Hip Triptych Art Exhibition AND Art To Go Auction!!!!

My good friend and artist Dominique Hurley has organized an art exhibit for the three of us (Dominique, myself and another artist Sama Salehian) which will start this Monday, June 24th at The Sprout Restaurant, located at  364 Duckworth Street and run until August 3rd. Dominique’s motivation for setting up this auction, and more informationContinue reading “The Hip Triptych Art Exhibition AND Art To Go Auction!!!!”

Artistic Collaboration

Thank you Dominique for creating this video – not only demonstrating artistic collaboration but also including the music by Sasha Markovic (featuring me on flute). I hope that this reaches others and helps you with your crowdfunding campaign @

Shakti Yoga Mural in Mount Pearl Complete!

A gallery glimpse at our second Shakti mural located at Shakti Yoga studio ( in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, from start to finish. Artists Lori Reddy and Dominique Hurley.

Dominique’s Newfoundland Blog – Collaboration

Yesterday I stopped by my friend Dominique’s to not only join her in a delicious meal she prepared for us, but also to sign two of our art collaboration pieces. This morning she forwarded me her blog entry which speaks about the experience from her eyes…..thank you Dominque for sharing and the journey! 🙂