Choices For Youth Mural – Black Acrylic Tracing Overlay

On Saturday (May 4th), we decided to go over the traced lines with black acrylic to pronounce the lines of the drawing. Applying the black acrylic will make it easier in keeping the view of the lines once the paint color is applied. From experience, colored pencil leads are less forgiving when you go outsideContinue reading “Choices For Youth Mural – Black Acrylic Tracing Overlay”

Choices For Youth Mural – Tracing Complete!

Yesterday we tackled the exciting step of tracing the maquette to the wall using a projector. Given that the maquette was sized to be in proportion with the wall measurements, the projection worked perfectly! Next step – figure out which colors go where and identify by using a color by number technique. The team isContinue reading “Choices For Youth Mural – Tracing Complete!”