Choices For Youth Mural – Black Acrylic Tracing Overlay

On Saturday (May 4th), we decided to go over the traced lines with black acrylic to pronounce the lines of the drawing. Applying the black acrylic will make it easier in keeping the view of the lines once the paint color is applied. From experience, colored pencil leads are less forgiving when you go outsideContinue reading “Choices For Youth Mural – Black Acrylic Tracing Overlay”

Shakti Yoga Mural in Mount Pearl Complete!

A gallery glimpse at our second Shakti mural located at Shakti Yoga studio ( in Mount Pearl, Newfoundland, from start to finish. Artists Lori Reddy and Dominique Hurley.

Art Showing @ Moksha Yoga, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Yay! 11 pieces of colorful art on display and for sale at Moksha Yoga in St. John’s, Newfoundland.  Gallery preview of works and pricing information may be accessed by clicking here!

Newfie Roadtrip

10″x20″ oil based paint markers on gallery canvas. I created this in the passenger seat of a vehicle during a roadtrip across Newfoundland that in totality took ~12 hours. I consider this to be a productive use of my time! There were moments where I found myself literally becoming cross-eyed so I switched to SodukoContinue reading “Newfie Roadtrip”