Choices For Youth Mural – Another Look

The final stretch is here. The ocean is near completion and the lillies are underway.  The sky and hills are to be tackled next which will add a burst of depth and color to the mural. I can’t wait to take close up pics to show how much work has gone into this project. TheContinue reading “Choices For Youth Mural – Another Look”

The Cameleon – In Living Color

Capturing the process and progression along the way, here is my Cameleon. 🙂 24″ x 24″ Mixed Media on Gallery Canvas – using acrylic, oil based paint markers, transparent and iridescent enamel glass paint, glass bead gel, duct tape. The enamel glass paint has amazing effects with a variety of light sources, natural and artificial,Continue reading “The Cameleon – In Living Color”